Compliance and Security for Unified Communication and Collaboration

SphereShield is a solution specializing in Unified Communications and Collaboration cloud services with robust capabilities concerning DLP, Ethical Wall, Access Control and Threat Protection.

Make sure your organization is compliant with all relevant regulations. Control access to your network and data. Secure your Unified Communication and Collaboration services while embracing cloud agility.

SphereShield is a CASB solution available as a service or on-premise.

What is your current Unified Communication Service?

UC-Today’s Winner of Best Security Product


  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Governance and eDiscovery
  • Ethical wall policy engine


  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • MDM/EMM Device Verification
  • Account Lockout Protection

Threat Protection

  • User and Network Behavior Detection
  • Anti Malware Anti Virus
  • Intrusion Prevention and Security Auditing

Security Features For Skype For Business

Data Loss Prevention

Inspect content passing through UC channels in real time. Block or mask any content that is defined as sensitive

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Ethical Wall

Granular policy for all activities
(IM, File sharing, presence etc.) controlling
external (Federation) and internal traffic

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MDM Conditional Access

Verify that only managed devices
can connect to your UC platform

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Risk Engine

Anomaly behavior detection
Geo Location & IP verification

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Anti-virus / Anti-malware

Verify that no malicious code or viruses are uploaded to the cloud

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Search and export information easily and fast

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Two Factor Authentication

Using device as the 2nd factor for
Easy & secure authentication.
Protect SfB & Exchange EWS

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DDoS Account lockout protection

Prevent network account lockout
from DDoS attacks

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Application Firewall

Sanitize, inspect and validate all
anonymous requests in the DMZ

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Compliance and GDPR

Tools for complying with
GDPR regulations, including customized disclaimers for
internal and external users

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Protect AD Credentials

Avoid using domain password by
creating dedicated app password

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Device Access Control

Manage devices connected using
device enrollment process

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