Smart card for authentication

/Smart card for authentication
November 30, 2015

What’s broken with Skype for Business security and how to fix it

Two factor authentication (2FA) security solutions are gaining popularity as they add a meaningful extra level of protection against phishing, keyloggers, password reuse and other threats. At the same time, users of Microsoft’s on premises products, such as Skype for...continue reading
February 3, 2015

The ultimate Lync security suite for the enterprise market

The number of organizations seeking to protect themselves and avoid any unauthorized use of Lync is growing rapidly and LyncShield is constantly asked to expand its Lync security suite and add new features. We have addressed all these requests, and...continue reading
October 14, 2014

New security solution protects smart card login of Skype for Business mobile users

A growing number of organizations around the world, such as financial institutions and governments, are providing their workers with a smart card device to strengthen the identity authentication process. These organizations are facing a problem while implementing Skype for Business...continue reading
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