Organizations that use RSA SecurID Authenticator device and other OTP (One Time Password) tokens have a problem using them in conjunction with Skype for Business (Lync).

SkypeShield offers a solution that enables both mobile and desktop users to connect to Skype for Business using their RSA token while avoiding the usage of Active Directory (AD) credentials and implementing Two Factor Authentication (TFA).

SkypeShield enables users of RSA SecurityID tokens to safely connect to their organization’s Skype for Business server without using their AD credentials. This is an ideal solution for organizations, with a network policy that requires Hardware OTP or TFA. LyncShield adds another secured authentication option, enabling mobile and external Lync strong authentication.

SkypeShield can also require the user to register in a self-service portal to further add security to the authentication process and make sure only registered devices can connect.

The device registration process is completed once the user uses his RSA token to authenticate and enable Skype for Business connectivity thereafter.

The solution does not require setting Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and offers a complete user experience including both Skype for Business & Exchange information, which can be safely used from the external device.

SkypeShield’s solution also addresses account lockout protection and other TFA software solutions for external Skype for Business clients. In addition SkypeShield offers a solution for using smart card login for mobile external users.