Skype for Business Security


Connecting devices to corporate networks from non-managed external networks and public Wi-Fi networks poses critical security threats. Corporate credentials are stored on mobile devices that might be hacked or stolen. The low level of device security enables hackers using Active Directory (AD) usernames and passwords to access core business applications and view emails and other data unnoticed.

SphereShield for Skype for Business allows users connect safely to a Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) server from smartphones and other external devices while protecting the organization’s sensitive data. By using SphereShield for Skype for Business, the organization can determine which mobile devices will be granted access to the system.

By applying a sophisticated two-factor authentication, SphereShield for Skype for Business clients benefit from another protection layer by adding device identification to the user name and password.

SphereShield for Skype for Business offers organizations a self-service portal allowing them to safely connect authorized devices to Skype for Business. The product offers an authentication solution for organizations that use smart cards by creating dedicated credentials for Skype for Business. This eliminates the need to use and store Active Directory credentials on the device, thus avoiding the risk of them being stolen and wrongfully used.

SphereShield provides a proxy-side control on the authentication attempts, thus preventing situations of denial of service or brute force attacks. SphereShield is available on Microsoft Proxy (TMG/ISA) and on a dedicated reverse proxy Bastion.

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  • Mobile Skype for Business connectivity protection
  • Secured Active Directory (AD)
  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA)
  • Avoid using Active Directory credentials on mobile device
  • Block DDoS attacks &  Brute force attacks
  • Available on Microsoft Proxy (TMG/ISA) and on reverse proxy Bastion