SphereShield Overview

SphereShield is a security and compliance platform for companies deploying Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange or ADFS.

SphereShield helps companies deal with issues of access control, compliance, and threat protection. The Platform is based on a propriety reverse proxy with extendable multi-protocol filtering capabilities, and an admin site for product management, reporting and configuration.

Sphereshield can be implemented on-premise or on cloud as a CASB.


SphereShield for Skype for Business On Premise

SphereShield for Skype for Business Online

SphereShield for Microsoft Teams

SphereShield for Exchange

SphereShield for ADFS

SphereShield Key Features


Data Loss Prevention

Inspecting all content sent via different protocols such as HTTPS, SIP, and ActiveSync and ensuring that no sensitive info is passed to the wrong hands, internally or externally. SphereShield for Microsoft teams enables files inspection. SphereShield DLP engine can be used on its own or be integrated with leading vendors in the market including Symantec, McAfee, and ForcePoint.

Ethical wall

SphereShield enables companies to enact policies controlling communication based on different parameters such as user or groups, ensuring tight control over communication and compliance with regulatory demands. Control capabilities cover the establishment of the communication as well as what operations should be allowed within the communication.

Data Governance and eDiscovery

Data governance is the ability to control your data: gaining access to it when you need it and getting rid of it when needed. SphereShield offers tools for quickly accessing and managing achieved data. The module enables advanced search for data and easy deletion of obsolete information.

Identity and Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication

SphereShield enables authentication based on device enrollment or mobile client apps. In addition, the solution includes a self-service portal for devices management.

MDM Device Verification

Integration with leading MDM vendors both on client and service side.The integration allows setting restriction for access based device security level and blocking access once a device become Out of Compliance. Current vendors supported by SphereShield are MobileIron, MaaS360, AirWatch, BlackBerry, Citrix and Intune.

Account Lockout Protection

SphereShield offers a unique solution for blocking DoS/DDoS attacks, which will still allow authorized users to continue accessing cloud-based services while the attack is ongoing.

Threat Detection and Prevention

User and Network Behavior Detection

SphereShield allows admins to profile user and network behavior to detect anomalies such as an impossible traveler or unusual volumes of traffic. Geo-Fencing rules are applied to keep the network safe. 

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus

SphereShield inspects traffic for Malware or Viruses in the DMZ before it reaches the network or enters to the cloud. This module is Integrated with leading vendors such as Kaspersky. 

Auditing and Security events

Register security related activities and trigger events for SEIM & SCOM systems.