Comply With Regulations and Secure Skype for Business Online

SphereShield for Skype for Business Online is a robust solution designed to help companies deal with issues of access control, compliance, and threat protection when deploying Skype for Business Online.

Skype for Business Online Security

Control User and Data Activity

Skype for Business Online is an open platform that offers a vast range of collaboration options at the tip of the finger, anytime, anywhere and from any device. Allowing such an accessible platform raises challenges with compliance, business needs and security.

Sensitive data may leak if sent to the wrong people or uploaded to the cloud. When managing your organization’s communication platform it is important to control what can be shared and with whom. Enabling full communication channels between internal or external users can challenge compliance and business strategy, and cause conflicts of interest.


♦ Use existing DLP infrastructure in real time

♦ Prevent sensitive data being shared with wrong people or reaching the cloud

♦ Ethical wall with granular communication control

♦ Advanced communication capabilities (e.g., file transfer, desktop sharing, chat) control

♦ Control internal, external or guest communication

♦ Full visibility of communication, data and activity via eDiscovery module

♦ Admin portal with a variety of reports, auditing and eDiscovery tools

Use existing DLP infrastructure in real time

SphereShield is leading in its field with an inline DLP inspection that is capable of blocking or masking all data that is defined as sensitive in real time, before arriving to its destination. Gain control over what they users can share. DLP inspection can be done by our built in engine or utilizing existing DLP infrastructures of leading DLP vendors. SphereShield can be integrated with Symantec, McAfee and ForcePoint.

Prevent Sensitive Data From Being Uploaded to the Cloud

Utilizing cloud platforms while making sure all sensitive data is not leaving the network may pose as a challenge for companies that have DLP concerns. SphereShield lets you keep your organization’s delicate information secure on premise.

Oversee Communication with an Ethical Wall

Restrict communication participants, and control or block specific options such as chat or file sharing, between different users. Granular control is offered based on groups, domains and users and applied dynamically based on the context of the communication. Specific policies can be applied to chat, meetings and federations depending on participant type (Employee, external or guest).


Inline DLP 

Inspect content passing through Microsoft Teams in real time. Use AGAT’s DLP engine or integrate SphereShield with a leading DLP vendor and keep all your existing policies. Block or mask any content that is defined as sensitive.

Ethical wall

Granular policy for all activities (e.g., IM or file sharing) controlling external and internal traffic. Define policies for specific team channels, groups or base them on communication participants (external, internal or guest).


SphereShield offers a flexible, intuitive eDiscovery solution for Microsoft Teams making searching and exporting information easy and fast.

MDM/UEM/EMM conditional access

Verify that only managed devices that are compliant with security policy can connect to Microsoft Teams

Compliance and GDPR 

Tools for complying with GDPR regulations, including customized disclaimers displayed for internal and external users

Risk Engine

Define Geo location rules and display live map of connections.

Integration with leading DLP and MDM Vendors