Free test to check protection against account lockout for Skype for Business and ADFS deployments

Using Skype for Business (Lync) externally or ADFS (not only for Skype for Business) exposes your corporate network to account lockout threats arising from the publishing external authentication services.

Tests carried out by AGAT Software, which developed SkypeShield, on some production environments have demonstrated the ability of hackers to lock production network accounts in networks which were believed to be secured and protected. To do so, all the hacker needs to know is the user name, which is typically easy to guess or find out.

AGAT Software offers a free-of-charge test for companies wishing to validate that their network accounts are well protected against account lockout. It is recommended to validate your protection, even if you are using a generic solution for Skype for Business deployment, or when the ADFS Extranet Lockout feature of Win 2012 R2 is deployed to protect ADFS

The test, which only lasts several minutes and does not require the tested company to grant any access or privileges to the network, is carried out using a vulnerability-scanning tool developed specifically for that purpose by AGAT Software. The results will not be shared with any third party besides the company itself.

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