Webex Teams Security and Compliance

SphereShield for Webex Teams is a robust solution designed to help companies deal with issues of access control, compliance, and threat protection when deploying Webex Teams.

  • Ethical wall with granular communication control
  • Handle sensitive data being shared with wrong people or reaching the cloud
  • Advanced communication capabilities (e.g., file transfer, desktop sharing, chat) control
  • Control internal, external or guest communication
  • Full visibility of communication, data and activity via eDiscovery module
  • Admin portal with a variety of reports, auditing and eDiscovery tools
  • Use existing DLP infrastructure

Ethical Wall To Control Communication

Restrict communication participants, and control or block specific options such as chat or file sharing, between different users. Granular control is offered based on groups, domains and users and applied dynamically based on the context of the communication. Specific policies can be applied to chat, teams and meetings depending on participant type (Employee, external or guest).

Use Existing DLP Infrastructure

SphereShield is leading in its field with an inline DLP inspection that is capable of blocking or masking all data that is defined as sensitive in real time, before arriving to its destination. Gain control over what they users can share. DLP inspection can be done by our built in engine or utilizing existing DLP infrastructures of leading DLP vendors. SphereShield can be integrated with Symantec, McAfee and ForcePoint.

Prevent Sensitive Data From Being Uploaded To The Cloud

Utilizing cloud platforms while making sure all sensitive data is not leaving the network may pose as a challenge for companies that have DLP concerns. SphereShield lets you keep your organization’s delicate information secure on premise.

Risk Engine To Control Who Connects To Your Network And From Where

SphereShield Displays a live map showing locations from which parties are connecting helping you monitor where failed access attempts occurred. Users Receive security alerts in response to detection of suspicious changes in location, device, data capacity, and in reaction to atypical activity. In addition, you are able to block connection from specific locations or allow access from these locations only to specific groups / domains, by defining Geo-Fencing rules.

Search And Export Information Easy And Fast With eDiscovery

SphereShield’s advanced eDiscovery module offers a search by text, user, dates and more. Users can see messages and file incidents in context, and archiving can be done on-site. SphereShield can also be integrated with existing eDiscovery and archiving solutions.

Keep Your Network Safe With Our Antivirus

Protect your organization with SphereShield's first-to-market Threat Protection, Anti-Virus/Anti Phishing solution for Webex Teams. SphereShield offers threat protection that can detect and prevent the spread of malicious viruses and phishing through messages and files, before they reach end user devices. It also offers both a built-in engine and integration with leading 3rd part vendors such as Symantec, Fidelis, McAfee and Kaspersky.

Conditional Access to Webex Teams with your UEM / EMM / MDM

Prevent employees from accessing your Webex Teams communication channels from non-compliant and unmanaged personal devices with Conditional Access control. SphereShield allows you to stay secure and compliant, by preventing unauthorized access to your Webex Teams communication system.